HERE it is Jan. 4TH . The spring catalogs are starting to roll in and the thoughts of fresh greens start to wonder through our minds. Yet , we still have some cold to go thru and some sloshing about ! Now before all that happens I would like to share with you my favorite waterfall in winter, before mother nature takes it back.   Enjoy.

natures best



Well, here we are. Ending the final hours of 2010’s existence. May the memories and laughter carry on thru the coming year . May also your dreams grow bigger and your eyes ever wider. Take in all that surrounds you. Now I will leave you with the final sunset of 2010.         ENJOY.


I quit … Not realy !

Well, it looks like a tough one out there today. Sure hope your office window looks better than ours !!!  Guess a cocoa and some shoveling when the wind stops ! Stay warm and snuggle up, today is not gonna happen !!!  Enjoy !

Carribean ..... Hmmmmm...............


These here Barred Rock hens needed a new winter home soooo……….Here they are. If you’ve never had farm fresh  organic eggs….WELL you might not understand the excitement !  Unexplainable in words, it’s all in the taste buds !

Then when spring comes they will be our garden pest controlers and entertainment for our cutomers. Eat local and……..ENJOY.

Eggs a plenty.

With just one stroke…..

This time of year you just never know what colors will bring out the texture of the landscape. Some are so vivid yet only singularly while others combine to form such beauty you just can’t look away. So I’ll share with you today a favorite spot of mine. Well off the beaten path. But tranquil. Enjoy.

Vermonts finest.


Well here it is…fall again. So fast the days of summer get left behind, only to say goodby with a flush of color and the smells of Autumn. Fresh apples steaming in a fine pie crust. Cider doughnuts and apple sauce ! Yes, it is sad to see the warm days disappear, however, we would not have these fall sights and smells with out the passing of summer. Enjoy every day ahead for it will soon be a white blanket and fall shall pass too. ENJOY.

Fall is here.


Well, here we are, FALL. Time to put the gardens to rest and button up the house. A time for a long-sleeved “blouse” and occasionally a lite tuke on your head in the mornings.  Soon the skies will fill with the sound of migratory birds and our fine feathered friends will return to our feeders. Yes, it is here….again.  Enjoy.