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 This time of year all you can hear is” why do we live in New England !!!!???”. I must admit, I have done it myself ! Then there is always something….something that you suddenly notice. Maybe just the frozen frost on the window in a particular manner. How about those frozen ice icicles hanging from the eaves…..with the moon light dancing off them. Beautiful. Both can only be viewed once. They are forever changing by the second. It seems the ones that start our day…we appreciate the most. So today I share with you one spectacular winter sunrise from the farm.  Enjoy

Winter sun rise.


 Well finaly. Ol Jack frost settled in last nite ….and forgot to leave ! Dogs are currled up and chickens are hunkered down. For some reason though….the horse is loveing it ! Maybe she is just running around to warm up !  What a  site !   It was -29 @ 6:30 this morning and as you can see @ 7:45 it was up to -26 !!!!!  Time to join the dogs !!  Hope all are safe and warm…where ever home is for you.    Enjoy



Awoke to more snow this morning…UGH !  Yes it is pretty. The cardinals seem much brighter and squirrels are a little confused on where their food went from yesterday . The dogs…well that is a different story !  Big dog wants to eat the snow and the little ones have a look of “WHY ?” on their face when let out ! So here is a glimpse into our day… day ! Can’t say I blame them !    Enjoy.

Snow day !!!


Almost half way there !  Still…in the mean time the winds are a blowing !! You can almost feel the chill looking at this picture ! Soon they will subside and the smell of Maple syrup will fill the air. Until then…….    Enjoy !


Winter winds.


Sometimes we dream of a country setting. Sometimes we wish that we are able to run through the fields in summer, play in the creek or simply lay beneath a big ol oak and stare skyward to the heavens. Clouds can become objects of our imagination and that walking stick, a sword. Think of the dreams that the first settlers of this farm must have had.   Sometimes……….                     Enjoy.



 RALPHY !   Looks like he survived crossing the road for another fall !  The little thief showed up this morning tail twitching , and eyes so big you would swear he saw Santa ! But alas…..he was eyeing my feeder for another season of  free grub ! UUUGGGHHH…….RALPHY !!!! **##@@$$!             Enjoy.

THIEF !!!!!